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CityRP Rules

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Apr 3, 2020
The Server Rules

Last updated: 07/05/2020

Contained within this document are the rules of this game server and community; these rules are subject to a staff member’s discretion and will be upheld to the full extent and power of their duty.

If a staff member believes you have broken a rule or acted inappropriately, you will discuss the incident with the staff member, and you will also be expected to justify your actions. If you are unable to appropriately and effectively justify yourself a punishment will be given.


Role-play, RP

When playing on the game server, you must act realistically. When speaking about things that are not related to your character, it is deemed as OOC, and should be done so using OOC channels, E.G /ooc

Staff Member
A staff member is someone who holds the rank of Enforcer, Moderator, Administrator, Senior Administrator, Head Administrator .

City Employee
Any person who is not a citizen and receives a paycheck from the city for carrying out their duty, E.G Mechanic or Taxi Driver

Government Employee
A government employee is one of the following three jobs: Police Officer, Medic and Firefighter.
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